May 1, 2012

My Daughters, Forcing Me Into The Open Air

Recently, the weather has been amazing.  This is both a blessing and a curse.

"A CURSE?!?" You say.  "What is wrong with you??" You say.

"You sure are talking a lot for this being MY blog" I say.

I love the computer.  I love the internet.  I love my phone.  My wife doesn't quite understand my feelings on this particular topic, mostly because she was raised with a healthy appreciation of **shudder** going outside.  I feel dirty just saying it...

I've talked previously about my aversion to dirt and sticky textures.  I don't like them.  At all.  I'm not worried about the germs.  I just don't like the feeling.  Going outside often leads to getting dirt on one's hands, stains on one's clothes and color on one's complexion.
"Looking good, Justin!"
"Thanks, Powder!"

This has lead me to a fairly sedentary lifestyle that relies heavily on technology.  Part of this is also because I'm constantly afraid that I'm going to miss something.  What happens if I'm not on Facebook and someone posts a status to which I have a very clever comeback?  If I miss it, I COULD DIE!!!

I own 30 copies of this t-shirt.  None of them are true.
Until relatively recently, I have felt as follows about the seasons:

Since having children (or more precisely, having two), weather falls into one of three categories:

1) Weather nice enough to take the kids outside

I enjoy this weather!  Not so much because I like being outside as much as I recognize that there are HUGE benefits to taking the kids there.

They are much easier to manage outside.  Yes, Brynn keeps trying to walk to the bottom of the property and down the sidewalk.  Yes, Harper wants to pick poison ivy and pet dead rabbits.  Yes, Brynn wants to eat rocks.  Yes, Harper wants to ride her toys down the front steps.  Yes, they both want to hug every stranger they meet.

They are still easier to manage outside.

Also, the lighting is better for taking pictures!

Rocks, Daddy!  Rock pocket!
As I have also stated previously, taking the girls outside wears them out.  They sleep better and go to bed easier after having played outside.  Knowing that I'll be spending the summer with them as SAHD (that's Stay At Home Dad, for those of you still living in 2010.  Jeez!  Get with the times!) I have set up a schedule that involves as much outside time as I think I'll be able to stand..

Wake up
Get dressed
Take them to daycare/go for a long walk/go to the park
Play outside
Caillou (Why, God?  Why?)
Dad to the gym

We'll see how this goes.

2) Weather NOT nice enough to take the kids outside

This is mostly rain, but also includes days that are too cold/windy/hot/wet/smoggy/sunny/etc. to go outside in whatever clothes they happen to have on.

I am no good at planning weather-appropriate clothing for my children.  I know that you are supposed to dress them however you would dress yourself plus one layer, but that doesn't work for me.  I'm almost never cold so if I went by that, they would be wearing windbreakers in December.  Also, I am WAY too lazy to try to find a slightly warmer/colder jacket than whatever happens to be sitting on the chair.

3) Weather NOT nice enough to take the kids outside, but awesome to watch from the window

This may be my new favorite!  I've always loved watching snow storms, thunder storms, wind storms, hail storms, storm drains, storm troopers and pretty much everything with "storm" in the name!
People only like me when they make typographical errors.  Or are racists.

The girls love to sit on the backs of the couches, or out of the porch, and watch the storms with me.  They are slightly scared, which makes them hug me tightly.

I don't think it makes me a terrible person that I like my kids to be slightly scared so that I get hugs.

I'm looking out the window now and thinking "What a gorgeous day!  I'm so glad the weather has become beautiful!  I suppose that means I'll have to go enjoy it.  Damn..."

The moral of today's post?  Kids change every aspect of your life, whether or not you realize it.  If they don't, you may be doing something wrong.

"Of course I can talk!  Sometimes I just feel so lonely in this empty house!"



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