May 5, 2012

My Daughter, Forcing Me To Break Gender Roles

Parenting is not an exact science.  If you follow this collection of (mis)adventures in parenting, you'll clearly be able to tell where I have made mistakes.  One of my ulterior motives for this blog is so that, one day when the girls are in therapy, I can link these posts to the doctor and not have to pay for hours and hours of background information.

Perhaps one of the things that the shrink will find interesting is that I'm trying my hardest not to raise "girly-girls."  I don't think there is anything wrong with a girl who wants to dress in pink and play with Barbie.  If she comes to those choices and preferences on her own, no problem.  I do, however, have an issue with parents imposing gender roles on children who are too young to know any better.  Do it to your own kids if you want, but not mine.

Then again, imposing gender roles may have stopped this from happening...

With that said, Harper LOVES having her toe nails painted.  She knows where Sara keeps the bottle of polish and will go get them when she sees that her toes are "nated!"

Those of my readers with children, or who been in the armed services, will understand the concept of collateral damage.  This is where an event occurs, either good or bad, and there are unintended consequences that reach beyond the scope of the original plan.  For example: When someone who shall not be named insists on keeping the Sharpies in a drawer that happens to be in the reach of a child, the walls, carpet, furniture and sanity in the house are all collateral damage.  For other examples, check out Stuff My Kids Ruined.

About a year ago, Harper got a hold of a bottle of nail polish and our floor became collateral damage.  It wasn't a big deal, but some of the grout on the kitchen floor is now a lovely shade of red.  Sara was more upset because she can't find another bottle of that color.

When Mr. Treesworth isn't stealing from the bird feeder, he runs a very successful foot spa!

I'm home on my own for many hours this weekend as Sara is taking the girls to a wedding and I have other things that I need to do.  I tell you this as a preface for why all the girls got their nails painted this morning.

In this particular instance, there was collateral damage.

In this particular instance, the collateral damage was my dignity.

I have to go put socks on now, not because I'm embarassed, but rather because the flashes of bright colors at my feet are quite distracting and I keep walking into walls.

I'm consoling myself on the fact that I didn't have to listen all about Sandy has been in a committed relationship with Trevor, but is still messing around with Jackson, even though she promised him she would stop after Bethany woke up from her coma and had her baby.
"I'm sorry, Mr. Martin.  I'm afraid that she may never "bang" again!"
I take it back.  This blog is to save money for MY therapy.



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