November 5, 2011

My Daughters, The Marathon Runners

I am in serious trouble.

I mean life-altering trouble.

The kind of trouble that may lead me to leave my family, gather my liquid assets, change my name and move to another country.

Brynn is on the move.  God help me, I have two mobile children!

I think it's revenge inflicted on us by the ghost of Patrick Swayze.  He has returned from the great beyond because Sara broke the first rule of "Don't piss of Swayze:"
She put baby in the corner!

As long as he doesn't start massaging me while I'm trying to make ashtrays and coffee mugs, we'll be alright.

She went from stationary mode to mobility VERY quickly.  I don't mean that the transition was swift, as much as the moving is swift.  Her attention span is also swift.  One she arrives on one side of the room, she sees something elsewhere that she finds interesting and goes for that.

She has also taken to following her sister around, which is freakin' adorable!  Harper will lead her into their bedroom, proceed to pull all of the books off of the shelf and then the two of them will roll around in the literary accomplishments of Mercer Meyer and Dr. Seuss.

Brynn also has started indicating when she wants to be picked up by crawling over to said victim, and pulling herself up pant legs and looking helpless and sad until she is removed from the floor.

Having hairy legs, I have never been more pleased at the impending approach of winter and putting my shorts into storage.

As far as Harper goes, she has been doing her level best to remind Sara and me that she is almost 2.  She is starting to perfect her dramaticollapses to the floor and often garnishes it with a sprinkle of arm flailing and foot pounding.

It's not always sunshine and bubble gum though.  There are tough times too.  I have had to take a few days off of work to spend time with my daughter.  THE HORROR!!

We've gone to the park and played outside and went shopping!  It's was traumatic!


So...Who wants to buy me a smart phone with a better camera?

She even helps me with yard work.

The girls play very well together, no matter where they are.

Next weekend, Sara will be going to Florida with Brynn for her friends baby shower, which means that Harper and I get to spend the whole weekend together!

One of us is going to end up corrupted and I sure do hope it's me!



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