May 26, 2010

Crawling and Gardening

It has been a while since I've done a real update and things have been a bit crazy lately.

As was evidenced in my video post, Harper has started crawling. This is fantastic and terrifying.

We have since found her in a completely different room than that in which she was left. She follows us slowly around the house, provided she still has line of sight. She has been trying to pull herself up on solid objects.

She seems only interested in things that are dangerous, valuable, or fragile. She has been enjoying the experience of finding a magazine, or a piece of mail, crawling to it and chewing it into pulp.

And oh, how happy she is about that!

During the weekend of the 15th, my mom and Joan came to visit us. It was a great visit and we got a ton of stuff completed. I've started actually working outside in the garden. During my mom's visit, I built a raised bed garden for Sara for her birthday. The confidence I gained in this project has galvanized me to do other things outside. I have numerous home-improvement projects on the horizon for the upcoming weekends.

Our yard has a ... slight grade... to it. We built the raised beds on the upper portion, which means we have a trek up mountainous terrain to get to them. I decided I need to build steps up the hill. After careful consideration and countless hours of doing nothing but watching DIY Network, I decided to build them out of retaining wall and flag stones.

This past weekend, my brother came to visit. This, too, was an excellent visit. He helped me as I built the prototype steps that I will finish this coming weekend.

They aren't perfect, but I'm very pleased with them and I'll be building the full set into the side of the hill this weekend.

You don't care about any of this though. Here are more pictures.

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Anonymous said...

GG says:
Hi Harper! You're doing great, growing up before my eyes! That's a lot of energy to crawl but it is worth it. It's quite a thrill for me in your bubby's store to be able to visit with you and not drive 5 hours. The modern world is great and I'm loving every minute of being able to see you. You are growing up so fast that you'll be walking by the time I see you in person again. Love from GG.



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