June 2, 2010

Wrestling Mania

The ultimate showdown!!

The ultimate wrestling arena (the living room).

The ultimate fighters: in one corner we have "The Dad" - he's fearsome, he fast. In the other corner we have "Baby Girl Aion" weighing in at 15 lbs 3 oz, she's loaded with energy and ready to rumble.
From my front row seat I watched as the two ultimate wrestlers gaze at each other lovingly; one happy to be home and eating dinner, the other wriggling around and drooling for a fight.

She must have sized him up and realized he was the weaker of the two giants, she might be able to get him down to her level. As the plan evolves in her little noggin, she decides the best plan of attack will be to burst into a fit of tears. He falls for it, he reaches for her and "flies" her over his head and lays down with her on the floor.

"Finally! Victory is within my grasp," she thinks.

From my seat, I watch as "Baby Girl Aion" reaches up and grabs "The Dad" by the nipple, follows the grab with a few fingers up the nose. He tries to get up, tries to get away. As he starts to sit up from the floor she gets a death grip on his shirt shoulder, she is in just the right position to triumph over his abs and he falls back to the floor. She sees the opportunity and pounces on to his neck! She has him! He's down! He's laughing his head off!! The mum is laughing!! Baby Girl Aion is so proud of herself!!! The smiles and pure joy that radiate from her is so funny and pure!!
Baby Girl Aion has won her first wrestling match!!
Send the cows home, cause we ain't going shopping tonight!!


Justin said...

I concede the win. Her tactics were well thought through and planned. There will, however, be a rematch!

Nicki said...

HA ha ha ha - I could totally picture the whole thing! Justin, concede now that any rematch will surely have similar results. You are down for the count!

Nicki said...

PS. Love the new blog title

PPS Thanks for writing, Sara

Valerie said...

Awwww, I remember wrestling with little Justin and Myles! CUTE!!!

Mom said...

I read this to the champion's GG (great grandmother) in my best Howard Cosell voice and had her rolling on the floor. Ok, not rolling but laughing out-loud which for a spry woman in her 80's is almost the same thing. We'll stay glued to our computer for the rematch!



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