March 22, 2010

Post-Partum Parting

This is the smiling face that greeted me this morning.  After spending the night on the couch (voluntarily, I swear) in the comforting spring breeze from the open window, I got up with Sara, made her coffee and began organizing my day.  When Harper finally got up, she was happy, giggling and adorable!

It's easy (easier, anyway) to drop her off at daycare when she's upset, crying, screaming, whining, or asleep.  This morning, however, she was super happy and talkative.  When I picked her out of our bed, she was happy and giddy.  When I changed her diaper and clothes, she was chatty and smiling.  She ate well, burped well and was happy to hang out in the car seat while I got her stuff together for daycare.  She talked to me during the entire drive and scowled at me when I dropped her off.

I didn't want to leave her, but sadly, I have students at school who need me (like a fish needs punch in the face from students in an alternative education setting...)

Mornings like this one make me glad that I get to spend the summer with her.

"When is dad coming home?"

In other news, I'm trying to find, or start, a group of dads who can gather for play dates over the summer.  With all the free time that we're going to have, I'd like to spend as much time outside as possible and start meeting other parents of young kids.

Anyone happen to know any dads of young children in the Greensburg area?
"I want some friends!"


Jennifer E said...

Dad group sounds like an awesome idea... just think that she'll be crawling and socializing with other babies in only a few months...

PS these pictures are adorable. If you could post some every Monday, I think it would get all of our weeks off to a very happy start :)

Justin said...

Yes...a social group for...her. Not for me at all...

I'm actually really looking forward to it. A friend of ours has a son about a month older and we plan to have lots of play dates this summer, like, biweekly

I post pictures when the firewall at work lets me do so.



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