March 24, 2010

Choppers, Gnashers and Biters, Oh My!

We have an UNHAPPY baby!  By unhappy, of course, I mean that she has developed a version of Bipolar Disorder that only babies and small children can truly contract.

She will be happy and smiling, laughing and playing.  In the blink of an eye, she will remember that she has hard, bone-like structures violently pushing their way through her lower gums.  Once this becomes apparent, she suddenly, and without warning, feels a distressing desire to let it become a common fact that she is in agony.  Unfettered, unadulterated agony.

I've been spiking her bottle with Jim Beam, but that's just a temporary fix.

She's 4 months old.  Can she really be teething already?  One on the bottom has already broken through and can be seen and felt by anyone who hates their finger enough to stick it in there.  There is a second one on the bottom that can be seen through her gums, but hasn't made an appearance yet.

I had some pictures to add, and they would have been humorous, but I am unable to load them do to various firewalls.

On an almost unrelated topic, I'm trying to get a slightly wider audience for this blog.  I'm not sure if I said that already, but if people who read this (all 4 of you) would be so kind as to share my entries on facebook, or twitter, or wherever, I would greatly appreciate it.



Mr. Pilarski said...

Mr. Aion,

I feel your and her pain. My last two kids were miserable when teething. Every time Jr. cut a tooth, he got an ear infection as well. It is not over until the 2 year old molars are out. By my calculations, that is another 16 or so months.

ps - Also, we used Black Velvet on all of our kids gums. Worked like a charm. Plus it tastes better than Jim Beam

Kind Regards,

Mr. Pilarski

Justin said...

Black Velvet, huh? Hmmmm....

**makes note to stop at the state store**

Also, what are you doing this summer? Our kids should have a play date.

Valerie said...

Harsh! Shiloh's first tooth didn't appear until he was 9 months old; as my dad says, we're a bit dentally retarded in our family...

We used a homeopathic medicine made by NatraBio for teething. It's not super-powerful, but it seemed to take the edge off for Shiloh. Both boys, but especially Bodie, found relief by nursing through teething spells. Those frozen teething rings were helpful, too.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Have you considered spiking YOUR bottle with Jim Beam? It won't help her but you might not care as much.



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