September 23, 2010

My Daughter, The Face On The Milk Carton

Since Sara and I were under the weather, my mother-in-law swooped down and whisked Harper off to the medical safety of her house for a few days. We are eternally grateful for the fact that she will not catch the blight that has been put upon us by what I can only assume is witchcraft or devilry.

Two adults with this is bad enough, but a baby with the inability to think "I can feel bile rising in my throat and a sense of increased gravity in my lower bowels. Perhaps I should meander off to the bathroom, or at least a tiled room, so as to minimize the blast radius" I think it would be too much I would have to move to Cambodia to become a monk to atone for my life of sin.

With that said, by the time I pick her up tomorrow, it will have been a full 70 hours since I've seen the baby.

I miss her something fierce.

**frowny face**

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