September 22, 2010

My Daughter Cares Not For Your Disease

Human babies prove that Darwin was a fool.

Never in the history of any species has there been a creature with less self-preservation.

After spending Monday night evacuating all substance from her body, my poor and half-broken wife wandered into the living room in preparation to head to the hospital to get fluids forced back into her. What does my daughter do?

"Oh mother! It is so wonderful to see you! I care not for your virulent strains of plague! I care not for the phlegm dripping from your every orifice! I wish to thrown my tiny arms around you and press my face into your aching body, sharing as many fluids as possible!"

Had there been sharp objects around, she would have asked to use them as replacements for her pacifiers.

Two days later, with Sara recovering at home, what is Harper doing?

Aren't those the cutest shoes? Once her feet grow and they stop being clown shoes, they will still be cute.


Anonymous said...

Your beautiful daugher had a most wonderful visit with me today, she tried many times to tip the water cooler at my office onto her head, and when that failed she tried in vain to twist the nozzle's off.
It was a good time for all
Favorite Aunty G

Justin said...

I'm glad she got to make the rounds! We don't get to see you guys often enough. I'll bet she looks completely different.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, I just found your blog this week, I had other weird links that I thought were your blog, but alas they went to even weirder sites with no cute niece or great-niece. Is she a grand-niece or a great-niece ?
I love the blog.
Aunty G



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