January 6, 2010

Another Day, Another Staggeringly Fun Drive To Work In The Snow...

Have I mentioned that my car is not an all-weather car?  My drive to work has been fun, what with the fact that it hasn't stopped snowing in almost 6 days.  My school has had 2-hour delays yesterday and today, but since I work from 11:30-7, it has no effect on my schedule.

Enough about work.  Harper has been getting bigger and more alert every day.  She had an excellent Christmas and New Year's.  My mother threw an open house for us so that the family and close friends in the Philadelphia area could meet my gorgeous daughter.  They agreed with me that she is, in fact, gorgeous.  She was amazingly well behaved and slept through the entire thing.  The few times that she was awake, she was looking around and not screaming.

She received a ton of great gifts, including some super cute outfits,  and some super ugly outfits.  I think the latter were purchased with the idea of "Oh man!  I wonder if we can get them to dress their child like this!"  We also got a gift that came with the disclaimer "This is the coolest gift ever!"  It was the coolest gift ever!  It's a turtle night-light that projects the night sky onto the ceiling in three different colors.  I turn it on and watch it for prolonged periods of time.

Her neck muscles have been getting stronger, encouraged by her desire to look at everything, holding her head as high as possible without it snapping off.  (That only happened once.)  She's been sleeping a bit more and has been a pleasure for me to play with when I get home from work.  Leaving in the morning is still a massive pain.  I am apprehensive of when Sara has to go back to work and I expect that she'll be miserable for the first several weeks.  She seems to really enjoy staying at home with Harper.

I wish I made enough money so that she wouldn't have to go back to work.  Perhaps by the time the next child comes around, I'll have become fed up enough with teaching that I'll have become an engineer and be making $100,000 a year.  What?  A girl can dream...

Harper has been smiling a lot more and is starting to imitate us.  She's becoming a little more regular in her responses to some stimuli, which means that we're repeating the same gestures over and over, trying to make her do something funny.

I'm becoming more convinced that babies are genius scientists from the future who are doing massive sociological experiments on parents.  For example, two days ago, I discovered an amazing combination that left me joyous for hours and left Harper gazing at me indifferently.  For those of you who are familiar with baby jargon, you'll know what a Bumbo is.  Those of you who don't, go look it up on Google.  I put Harper in the Bumbo and had her sit at the table with us during dinner.  I was suddenly struck by the idea to place said Bumbo on a lazy susan.  It fit perfectly and I sat for almost an hour slowly spinning her in circles.  Slow enough to keep her from being dizzy, but quickly enough to provide amusement for me and ever-changing visual stimulus for her.

Between this and my flying her around the house, I think I'll cure her car-sickness (which she doesn't have.)  Call me Dr. Dad!

I'm ready to go home now.  I have 6 more hours before I can.  I can't help but think of all of the cute things that I will miss her doing during that time...


Anonymous said...

sounds like you guys are really enjoying being parents! :) I bet it will be hard for Sara to come to work but at least we will all get to see her! So that could be exciting! :)


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to come and see all the new cute things she's doing. See you in two weeks!



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