June 3, 2013

My Daughters, Very Different People

A few weeks ago, I confiscated a laser pointer from one of my students.  He was using it to perform Lasik on strangers from down the hall and, since he was doing so without a license, or patient consent, I felt it in the public interest to relive him of it.

I, like many pet owners, used the laser pointer to lead my children on wild goose chases throughout my house.  The girls would scream "THERE IT IS!!!" and go tearing after the red dot that was magically floating on the wall, on the chair, on mom's leg.  Just as they were about to reach it, it would bolt in another direction, sending the girls running in circles until they pass out.  Childish and inhuman? Maybe.  Effective? Yes.

The second time we did this, Sara showed them how to coax the point of light into their hands.  She knelt on the ground and gently whispered "c'mon, little guy! It's alright.  Come here!" and the light slowly, gingerly moved its way into her hand.

On Saturday, I got the laser pointer out again and had it running around the kitchen.  After the initial screams of excitement, Harper knelt down and gently coaxed the light into her hand.  Brynn watched her carefully, as she usually does, analyzing her movements.  When the spot of light was almost into Harper's palm, having slowly inched its way towards her, Brynn cocked her head to the side and stomped on it with all her little feet could handle.

I think it's safe to say which parent each child takes after.  Harper's loving nature is derived directly from her mother, while Brynn has the sensibilities of her true father, Lucifer Morningstar.
It's hard out there for a thug.
 At what age can you get a child tested for sociopathy?



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