September 4, 2012

My Daughters, Not Working For Serta

Have I mentioned lately that I love my children?

Perhaps I should take this opportunity to do it again.

I love my children.

They help me in more ways than I can count, but I will attempt to list a few.

Cute kids make it worth it to come home from work.  After a rough day of counter-productivity and indifference, it is wonderful to come home to the following conversation:

Harper: "Daddy, you're a good guy!"
Me: "Why is that?"
Harper: "Because you make me happy!"

How could I possibly ask for more than that?

They are an inspiration in that I want to be able to keep up with them in all aspects of life.  They can run for hours and not even understand that frantic panting means they should stop.  I've set a goal for myself to run a 5k in about 6-7 weeks and a half marathon next summer.  I have no idea how realistic these goals are, but I've been sticking with my training schedule and we'll see how it goes.

They also inspire me to get a higher paying job so I can buy a bigger house where they can each have their own rooms FAAAAAAAAAR away from me.

Sara and I had a derby bout this weekend so the girls went to their grandparents.  Saturday night and into Sunday morning was some of the most restful sleep that I have had in months.  There were no mysterious feet pushing me out of bed at 3am.  There was no waking up to the sound of screaming at 1:30 only to discover than both girls were back to sleep by the time I went over to check on them.

There was no one pulling my nose hairs at 6:30am in an attempt to get me to put Babar on.

The girls are tiring enough when they are awake, I don't know why they also have to be so difficult when they are sleeping.  I still feel that I have less need for sleep than Sara does, so when I hear the girls, I try to get up and get them before she does.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

It really should be the other way around since it seems as though she can fall back to sleep faster than it takes me to wonder why I'm up at such an ungodly hour.

Don't let the pictures mislead you.  These children are devious, energetic, frantic and insane.

When we first had Harper, we had cats.  A good friend told me that we needed to get rid of the cats because cats steal the breath from sleeping babies.

If we had cats now, they wouldn't have the chance.  I hate camping, but I'm thinking I can convince a 1-year old and a 2-year old that camping is awesome and they should do it all the time.  I'll even set up a tent for them in the basement.

You see what a nice, kind, selfless guy I am?  I would even set up the tent for them.



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