August 27, 2010

WWF Showdown! Harper vs the Giant Purple Monkey!

Here is the action from Wednesday Night!

Same wrestling arena (the living room).

"Baby Girl Aion" in one corner weighing in at 17 lbs, 12 oz. 27 inches tall. She's been working on her moves and techniques since the last time we saw her in action.
In the other corner we have "Puffy, the Purple Monkey" He's puffy, filled with air and always happy! He doesn't have a clue!

The crowd watches as Baby Girl pulls Monkey from his place in the corner behind a chair. She tests him by chewing on his tail a little.
No reaction.
She plops him in front of her and looks at him.
He's so complacent.
She pushes on his chest to see if he reacts at all. He just keeps smiling up at her.
She's thinking of the next move and for encouragement she looks at the crowd.
She sees "Mum" and "Ada" watching with great smiles on their faces! They cheer her on!
With renewed energy she decides to jump onto the monkey!
He rewards her with a great "Sssqueeeaaakkk!!" The breath is knocked out of him!
She rolls over him and flops to the floor. Will he attack while her back is turned??
Somehow he's still smiling!
She decides to wipe that smile from his face once and for all!
She jumps again and bites at the same time, he sits and does nothing. Another high pitched squeak, squeak and that's about it.
She's tired now and ... oh wait there's something shiny over there...

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